Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Goldenrod galls, The Long Stemmed Ones

In addition to the more familiar goldenrod galls that we all notice, there a number of smaller galls of a variety of shapes. A very interesting one goes by the name of pedicellate gall. What this means is that it has a foot. I prefer to describe it like a long stemmed wine goblet. This curious small gall, less than an inch in length can grow on different places in the plant. The glass part is ribbed and it may have a purplish color.

You may have never noticed it before but you should have no trouble finding some of them now that goldenrods have reached their full size and are starting to bloom. So, look for them on leaves, stems or flowers. You may find them in isolation or in groups.

If you open them, you will find the small midge's larva or pupa inside. I have yet to take some home and keep them in a container with water and covered by mesh. I want to see the adult midge. So I will do this soon.

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